We were born to win but in random wise

One of the amazing feel, you ever got in your life is winning prizes which you didn’t expect. It’s a cloud nine moments for every one of us. At the same time too much expectations hurts too. We all believe in something which is not logical but at the same time we never stop our efforts. Such luck game is Weekly lottery.

weekly lottery

This lottery game is powered by Powerball game. This is serving as entry ticket for the lucky draw. More you play in the power ball games increase chance of getting in the lucky draw.

Entry tickets for the lucky draw are given in the form of bitcoin. First step is to should sign up in the particular website. Those entry tickets are provided from Monday to Sunday. Entry tickets are given to you if you participate in more games. Sometimes you can buy the tickets too. Earn them by spinning the wheel, wagering the dice and using referral are another way. Picking random number by the system is done by the SHA 256 algorithm. This algorithm eliminates the chance of getting more than one prize for a winner. Bitcoin block system has the clients see which decide winning position is matched with server seed deciphered by the computer is unknown to website owners too. The result is published in the tweeter .Bitcoin that is 12 blocks is system generated is matched with the participant tickets. With the timestamp in the bitcoin block there is no chance of cheating. Nearly 10 winners are selected from the lucky draw. Each winner is given $450 prize weekly. Make use of chance to become billionaire. Sometimes your luck may strike you hard.

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